Appetizers – Cold

COLD APPETIZERS:  these are just a few of our most popular listings. Please contact us for alternate cold appetizer selections.

  • Veggie Asian Spring Rolls:  hand wrapped rice paper rolls stuffed with ginger-sesame cabbage and veggies. Platter includes zesty orange dipping sauce – $2.00 each
  • Rice Noodle Asian Spring Rolls:  hand wrapped rice paper rolls stuffed with rice noodles, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers & mixed greens. Platter includes sweet chili dipping sauce. – $2.50 each
  • Grilled Asparagus:  marinated and char-grilled fresh asparagus, very lightly seasoned. (four spears per serving) – $3.49 per serving
  • Pastry Tartlets:  mini puff pastry shells, toasted and filled with our signature oriental  salad, garnished with cilantro and toasted almonds – $2.75 each
  • Thai Chili Cucumber Cups:  $1.50 each
  • Tabbouleh-Cucumber Cups:  chopped parsley salad tossed with bulgar wheat, tomatoes, lemon and mint,  then stuffed into cucumber rounds – $2.00 each

Sushi Rolls:  please order a minimum of 30 per item

Makimono rolls a la carte, each served with soy-wasabi dipping sauce and toasted sesame seeds – $2.25 each

  • California Roll – made with krabmeat, avocado, cucumber
  • Miami Roll – made with spicy Krab Delight, conch and cucumber
  • Alaskan Roll – made with s krabmeat, avocado, scallions
  • Vegetable Roll – made with cucumber, carrot, avocado and spinach
  • Celebrations tangy crunch style, made with our secret recipe that makes them our #1 selling cold appetizer – $1.75 each
  • Traditional style deviled eggs made with traditional, old fashioned ingredients – $1.50 each
  • Lemon-chive,  made with tarragon and a hint of lemon and spice – $1.75 each
  • Spicy jalapeno, made with rice vinegar and mustard and jalapenos – $1.80
  • Caprese: petite paddle skewers of grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. Skewers are glazed with pesto sauce – $2.00 each
  • Antipasto: skewered Spanish olives and pesto-cheese tortellini, tomatoes, basil, imported cheeses, garnished with feta cheese and fresh basil.  $3.00 each
  • Fruit:  skewered melons, strawberries, grapes and pineapple – $2.00 each
  • Grilled Pineapple:  brown sugar and spiced rum glazed grilled pineapple satay skewers – $3.25 each


  • Large 16″ Hummus Platter: traditional hummus dip served with toasted asiago crostini, seeded flatbread crackers and mini naan bites. Platter includes celery sticks and carrot sticks for dipping, country olive assortment and homemade goat cheese spread with basil. $69.99
  • Large 16″ Hummus Sampler Trio Platter:  lemon-artichoke hummus, pesto blended-hummus, and traditional hummus displayed with seasoned French baguette crostini, seeded flatbread crackers, carrot sticks, celery sticks, country Greek olives, cucumber rounds and grilled onion-naan triangles. $112.00
  • Large Exotic Hummus Sampler Trio Platter:  three peppers filled with Thai coconut curry hummus, Sicilian tapenade hummus, spicy Tex-Mex hummus, displayed with seasoned, toasted French baguette crostini, seeded flatbread crackers, carrot sticks, celery sticks, country Greek olives and green Spanish olives, colorful bell pepper wedges, cucumber rounds, pepperoncini and grilled onion-naan triangles.  $129.99
  • Bruschetta platter:  made with homemade Mediterranean-style bruschetta served with seasoned, toasted asiago crostini, country olives, basil goat cheese butter and mini naan bites.  $74.00
  • Fruit:  a display of peeled and cut fruit to include cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, orange slices, and kiwi. (large 16″ platter – $59.00 / small 12″ platter – $42.00)
  • Cheese:  hand cut cheese assortment served with gourmet crackers, grapes, and strawberries (large 16″ platter has 3.5 pounds of cheese – $83.00 each / small 12″ platter has 2 pounds of cheese – $48.00)
  • Gourmet Cheese:  hand cut cheeses to include an assortment of domestic and import cheeses, a mini cranberry-goat cheese spread, crackers, grapes, strawberries and orange slices. (platter size is 16″ – $95.99)
  • Veggie – a crudite display that includes carrot and celery sticks, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and ranch dipping sauce (large 16″ platter – $49.00 / small 12″ platter $34.00)
  • Combination Platter:  assortment of melons, pineapple, grapes, strawberries and kiwi, displayed with blanched asparagus and broccoli, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, celery and carrot sticks. Platter also includes assortment of hand cut cheese cubes, crackers and ranch dip, garnished with orange slices. (platter size is 16″ – $69.99)
  • Evergreen Platter:  includes display of blanched green vegetables (asparagus, broccoli and snow peas), fresh green vegetables (cucumbers, celery, green onions, green peppers), and a spicy Thai-peanut dipping sauce. (platter size is 16″ – $59.99)


please order a minimum of 30 per flavor

  • Dip trio platter made with three handmade, one pound cheese balls, each unique in flavor (southern living cheese dip, blue cheese smoked almond dip, and cheddar-candied pecan  dip) – $65.00 each
  • Southern living cheese ball made with coconut, chutney, green onions and peanuts to provide an exceptional salty-sweet combination! THIS IS OUR BEST SELLING DIP! (small = one pound) – $22.99 each
  • Goat cheese spread made with Chambord, cranberries, cinnamon and pistachios (one pound) – $26.99 (includes assortment of gourmet crackers)
  • Goat cheese spread  made with honey and cracked pepper,  grilled goat cheese, presented on a grilled cedar plank & served with flatbread crackers & grilled onion-naan bread. (two pounds) $48.99

Finger Sandwiches – click here to visit our sandwiches menu page

Signature Crostini With Savory Toppings:

please order a minimum of 30 per item

Hint: Crostini  are best when passed to your guests freshly assembled just before or during your event (at the venue), rather than being pre-assembled here at Celebrations, as traveling can affect positioning and freshness. These make great passed appetizers!

  • Seasoned and toasted mini crostini topped with our homemade goat cheese butter, freshly made tomato bruschetta, and fresh basil $2.25 each
  • Seasoned and toasted mini crostini layered with fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and pesto aioli.  $2.25 each
  • Seasoned & Toasted Mini Crostinis layered with spreadable brie cheese, sliced pears, walnuts and honey. (assemble & pass) $2.59

Passed Appetizers:

please order a minimum of 30 per item

Almost any appetizer can be passed! You can choose if you want your bite-size portions to be served on a platter circulated amongst your mingling guests…OR if you prefer them placed on individual mini plates, each garnished separately, and passed to your guests (who usually take one each). Both options work well –  it’s good to know the logistics of your event to make the best decision – so just ask us for guidance if you’re not sure! Passed appetizers always help your food portions stretch further and last longer.  It’s like portion control by our staff, in a less obvious manner. Passing appetizers also assists guest who are then able to ask questions about the recipes we use.

Here are a few menu items that we always elect to pass to guests rather than place on a self-serve buffet:

  • Mini shrimp cocktail shooters:  served in 2 oz. shot cups.  Each shooter contains two – 26/30 count shrimp and cocktail sauce – $3.00 each
  • Cajun Sausage and grits:  mini servings in vintage cups, mini mason jars or tiny plates filled with creamy, southern-style cheese grits topped with Cajun Sausage & Gravy – $3.00 each
  • Passed ranch and veggie dip shooters:  includes celery sticks, carrot sticks, jicama, broccoli and creamy ranch in mini cups, for easy self-serving – $2.75 each

We have many more options available.
Please contact us, if you don’t see what you’re looking for.